Campaign 2000
Since the political parties rarely offer great buttons anymore (they'd rather spend their money on TV advertising), we are glad to offer buttons of all kinds for nearly every presidential candidate. Prices are at the bottom of each page and you may mix candidates to get a larger quantity (and lower price). 
 Buttons made exclusively by Galt Press were featured on the cover of of London's Sunday Magazine January 14, 2001 and throughout the article about the U.S. 2000 presidential election!

 Republican Party Democratic Party
Libertarian Party Reform Party
Green Party Socialist Parties
Natural Law Party Constitution Party
U. S. Pacifist Party Other Parties

The rematch of the century?

If you collect political campaign items you should join APIC, American Political Items Collectors. It's a great way to buy, sell, trade and learn about them. For free application, send your snail mail address by email to


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