Chaos 2000

"Anti Both" Buttons

CN1. CN2.

CN3. CN4.

CN5. CN6.

Buttons are 2-1/4 inches in diameter. Prices are (mix or match) one for $3, three for $7, five for $12, ten for $20, twenty for $32, thirty for $45, fifty for $70 and 100 for $125. Note that you can get all different buttons to get the lower prices. WE PAY SHIPPING.

You may also combine buttons from any candidates to get lower prices. We also have buttons from the 2000 election which you can get at the same rates to raise your quantity and lower your price. Check the "Go to Campaign 2000" link below.

Send payment to Galt, P. O. Box 8, Clearwater, FL 33757, or fax your credit card order to 727-584-3188. You can also phone your credit card order to 727-581-8685. (Minimum for credit card $20.) PayPal also accepted.


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