Why not

Gore/Clinton 2000?



 It was Republican jealosy over Franklin D. Roosevelt's unprecedented four presidential terms that lead to the 22nd Amendmend limiting a president to two terms. President Clinton's survival of the Lewinsky matter shows that Americans like Clinton and want to keep him as long as possible.

While the Republican-controlled Congress would never vote to repeal the 22nd Amendment, it should be noted that nothing in the Amendment forbids a person for running for vice president after two terms as president. The tem of Clinton and Gore gave America 8 years of prosperity, why not continue it with 8 years of Gore Clinton. At least it would be insurance that Gore would never get impeached.

Sixty-five percent of Americans did not want Clinton impeached. If all 65% vote for Gore/Clinton in 2000 we can continue the CLinton legacy for another 8 years! Imagine a Dow-Jones industrial average not just touching 10,000, but 15,000, 20,000, HIGHER!

Show your support for the Gore/Clinton 2000 ticket with these buttons. Buttons are either 2-1/4 inches in diameter or 3 inches. Prices for 2-1/4 in buttons are one for $3, three for $7, five for $12, ten for $20, twenty for $32, thirty for $45, fifty for $70 and 100 for $125.

For three inch buttons add 50¢ per button to above prices.

WE PAY SHIPPING. Send payment to Galt, P. O. Box 8, Clearwater, FL 33757, or fax your credit card order to 727-584-3188. You can also phone your credit card order to 727-581-8685 or email it (broken into 2 emails) to galt@warda.net.


Don't get too excited just yet, but imagine, after 8 years of Gore/Clinton, if Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton decides to run for president! And by the end of Hillary's 8 years as president, guess who will be of legal age to run for the office. Yes, Chelsea! Bill Clinton, president, vice-president, or White House resident from 1993 to 2025. With your help WE CAN DO IT!

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