Asset Protection

With million-dollar lawsuits being awarded for minor incidents, any American with assets should be concerned with the risk of losing everything in a frivolous lawsuit. While land trusts alone are not a complete asset protection system, we are aware that many real estate investors are interested in asset protection and would like to keep up to date on the latest methods to shield their assets.

Mark Warda spent over a year researching the ways to best protect his own estate. He has researched every asset protection scheme he could find from the simplest state laws protecting homesteads to offshore accounts and trusts from the Bahamas to the Isle of man and Switzerland.

The results are contained in his recent book, Complete Guide to Asset Protection Strategies published by Galt Press. It is available here. It is also possible that asset protection seminars will be held in the near future.

For those who are interested in a personal discussion of asset protection options Mark Warda will share his findings with clients wishing to learn the best methods to protect their own assets from lawsuits and other claims. In a one hour consultation he will explain what he found to be the safest protections for Florida residents. He will provide addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of institutions to contact for asset protection services. He will not offer specific legal advice, but will share his discoveries and experiences and suggest methods which he has personally used to protect his assets. He does not receive any fees from these entities for referrals.

Some of the methods may be controversial so no tape recording will be permitted.

One hour consultation, $200.

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