Political Campaign Items


I am slowly organizing my three rooms of 100,000+ political campaign items into sales lists. As they are ready I'll be adding them to the list below.

Update 2009: With the birth of my son Lucas I now have only 2 rooms for political items, as my wife said he needed his own room! So now I'm really crowded, with boxes everywhere.

The lists are in pdf files with full color photos. Click to download the lists from the pages listed below.

I also have some lists of one of a kind items. If interested in any special items or candidates you can email me.

(You need to type this address into your email program. The email address is included in this format to avoid spammers who sweep the web for email addresses.)

Political Campaign Buttons and Badges

Includes large and small buttons and tabs
Political Campaign Paper Items

Includes political stamps, stickers, inauguration covers and first day covers
Political Campaign 3-D and Unusual Items

Includes matchbook covers, fly swatters, hand fans and other unusual items